Cake Decorating With Your Kids (Tips and Ideas)

If you want to start a family tradition that your kids will always look forward to, and remember for years to come, consider letting them help you decorate cakes. It’s so much fun, watching their faces crinkle in concentration while making their own special design with a tube of frosting.

Keep in mind that the cake is not going to look as “perfect” as an experienced cake decorator could do with it, but does that really matter? The joy your children will get out of helping you decorate a cake is really all that matters.

If this is something that you are inexperienced with, you could start off simply, using a tube of frosting from the grocery. These usually come with four basic plastic decorating tips, or you can purchase them separately, if they are not included. For kids, these four tips will be just right for learning to decorate cakes, as they are usually the most common ones needed for a basic job.

Or, if you know that this will definitely become a regular tradition, you can purchase individual metal tips, and the bags that the pros use for filling with frosting. In the long run, this is a much better idea, because they will last you a very long time, since the bags can be washed and re-used many times.

Another idea is to purchase fun-shaped cake pans, which have the completed cake picture on the packaging. Your children can use that as a guide, while putting their own personal touches on the cakes, too.

You can buy most of these items at craft stores, fabric stores, and even your supermarket will normally carry a small assortment of cake decorating needs.

Just remember–let your child have fun! Don’t worry about that not-so-perfectly decorated cake–just enjoy making those special never-to-be-forgotten memories!

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